Tuesday, January 8, 2013


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Does participative decision making affect lecturer performance in higher education?


Sukirno, D S; Sununta Siengthai


Emerald Grsamoup Publishing, Limited

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31 December 2012

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8 pages

For this sem we need to do the term paper. Before we write the term paper, we need to find the outline first. Everybody will write the term paper with their partner. My partner is Nur Nadiah Binti Salehin. This assesment is a bit difficult because we should find current issue and give explanation which people does not know a lot about our topic. Miss Zu asked us to find the outline and present it at the front. Then we need to find about the broad topic, narrow topic and focus topic. Me and Nadia Salehin already found a lot of issue but Miss Zu dont want the common issue.Nadia sleep in my room to search about the best topic that we can do for the term paper.Fuhhh!!! Seriously it was so tiring. The topic that we found are'Samsung versus Apple' , 'Aes Camera Sabotaged' , ' Aff Suzuki Cup' , 'Silent Disease' , and ' War In Gaza'. Me and Nadia find the article in newspaper and internet. We found a lot but when the presentation time is coming, our classmate also did the same topic with us.Thanks god that our turn was not in that day. So mE and Nadia find another topic for our term paper. But we still cannot find the best topic so we meet my last sem lecturer to help me find the best and good topic. Alhamdulillah Miss Zu accept our topic that is ' Part Time Lecturers' Scheme In Uitm : Is It Beneficial Towards The Lecturers Or Institution? ' and we need to write argumentative essay. Hopefully both of us and also others partner can do well in write this term paper and get a good mark ya. Good luck guys ;)


Assalamualaikum.Before we started the class,Miss Zu wanted to see our blog and I am a lucky person who need to show my blog.Oh my!!!How embarassed am I that time. Miss Zu asked me to edit again my blog to make the story more longer than what  have I done.Sorry Miss, actually I don't have any idea for what to write in this blog. So after this I will make sure my entry is better than before. After that we continued our class with the lessons. Today we learned about fact and opinion. It is easy to guest which one is the fact and opinion. I like this topic.Hehe!!! Fact is the objective information that can be checked or proved to be true, information that does not change and not a statement about the future while the opinion is the statement that cannot be proved to be true or false, is one's belief,idea, or feeling about a subject and can be a statement about the future.It is easy to find which one is opinion. We can just look at the biased words such as awful, amazing,horrible and many more of adjective word.After we learned about the fact and opinion, Miss Zu did some activity for us. We divided into six group and we was asked act like a salesman and salesgirl.  I was in  group 2 which include Ijat, Ika, Pika, and Inayah.We should give five statement about the product that we need to sell.We got the product of Safi Balqis mouisterizer. In that five statement it must include fact and opinion. Another group need to guest how many fact and how many opinion.My group only get 2 marks only.How come???Nevermind.The important is that we learned it and the activity was very fun.I like it a lot.Then the class dismiss at 5.50 p.m.



Today our class started at 4.00 p.m. Miss Zu teached us about reading and comprehension. We need to find the main idea from the text. The main idea was not stated so we need to create and suggest it. The main idea is the most important thing the paragraph says about the topic. The topic is what a paragraph is all about. Miss Zu ask us to watch a video and guess the main point. Then we need to write the main point on a piece of paper. and show to all.We are divided into group which include me,ita, nadia, nabila, sara bariah and inayah. Our group got a highest marks among all group and we got a big clap from another group. The class dismised at 6.15 o'clock.


Hello guys!!! Like usually, our class was at Dewan Seri Peria. Today we need to bring our laptop to the class. When I entered the class, everybody was busy with their laptop. Miss Zu asked us to bring the laptop because she want us to do the comment in blogging. Before we start the activity, Zubaidah and Hani should present their outline first. When they end the presentation, Miss Zu was continued the class by using the laptop but we cannot connect with the wifi. So miss Zu asked us change our class to the library for using the wifi in library. Before I went to the library, I go to my room first to put my things and laptop. HEHE!!! In library, we need to update our blog and comment our friends' entry. Because I already put my laptop so I am blogging using my phone only. It is very awkward because my friends using the laptop while me just using the phone. Suddenly my batery is getting low and I cannot continued write my entry. So I just sit there and read my friend's entry while waiting the class ended. The class was dismiss at 4 o'clock.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hello! Today our class started at 4.00 p.m. at block Usahawan. Before we start our lesson, we discussed yesterday homework about paraphrasing. After we finished it  discussing about that then Miss Zu continue teached us about summarizing. Summarizing is easier than the paraphrasing. Our class end earlier today because Miss Zu need to attend meeting. The class dismiss at 5.30 o'clock.