Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hello guys!!! Like usually, our class was at Dewan Seri Peria. Today we need to bring our laptop to the class. When I entered the class, everybody was busy with their laptop. Miss Zu asked us to bring the laptop because she want us to do the comment in blogging. Before we start the activity, Zubaidah and Hani should present their outline first. When they end the presentation, Miss Zu was continued the class by using the laptop but we cannot connect with the wifi. So miss Zu asked us change our class to the library for using the wifi in library. Before I went to the library, I go to my room first to put my things and laptop. HEHE!!! In library, we need to update our blog and comment our friends' entry. Because I already put my laptop so I am blogging using my phone only. It is very awkward because my friends using the laptop while me just using the phone. Suddenly my batery is getting low and I cannot continued write my entry. So I just sit there and read my friend's entry while waiting the class ended. The class was dismiss at 4 o'clock.

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