Tuesday, January 8, 2013


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Does participative decision making affect lecturer performance in higher education?


Sukirno, D S; Sununta Siengthai


Emerald Grsamoup Publishing, Limited

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31 December 2012

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8 pages

For this sem we need to do the term paper. Before we write the term paper, we need to find the outline first. Everybody will write the term paper with their partner. My partner is Nur Nadiah Binti Salehin. This assesment is a bit difficult because we should find current issue and give explanation which people does not know a lot about our topic. Miss Zu asked us to find the outline and present it at the front. Then we need to find about the broad topic, narrow topic and focus topic. Me and Nadia Salehin already found a lot of issue but Miss Zu dont want the common issue.Nadia sleep in my room to search about the best topic that we can do for the term paper.Fuhhh!!! Seriously it was so tiring. The topic that we found are'Samsung versus Apple' , 'Aes Camera Sabotaged' , ' Aff Suzuki Cup' , 'Silent Disease' , and ' War In Gaza'. Me and Nadia find the article in newspaper and internet. We found a lot but when the presentation time is coming, our classmate also did the same topic with us.Thanks god that our turn was not in that day. So mE and Nadia find another topic for our term paper. But we still cannot find the best topic so we meet my last sem lecturer to help me find the best and good topic. Alhamdulillah Miss Zu accept our topic that is ' Part Time Lecturers' Scheme In Uitm : Is It Beneficial Towards The Lecturers Or Institution? ' and we need to write argumentative essay. Hopefully both of us and also others partner can do well in write this term paper and get a good mark ya. Good luck guys ;)


  1. Congrates Nadia . But I think this topic are little bit difficult . So , I hope you can perform well .