Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Today is our first class for bel after holiday one week.Our class was at Dewan Sri Peria. Ten people of my classmates did not attend the class. Some of them got MC because of fever and some of them was skip the class because they want to read CTU note. We have a test at night. Today activity is about inferences. Infer is an assumption or conclusion that is rationally and logically made based on the given facts or circumstances. An inference is based off facts, so the reasoning for the conclusion is often logical. While you ract, your inside voice make guesses, finds connecting points, asks questions and makes predictions. After Miss Zu explained about what is inference then we play some games. In the game we need to find who is actually the killer based on the card. But the card not show that the holder of the card is the killer. But we need to look at the clue which is other than the name at the card, what is left show it was the killer. After that we did another activity. Miss Zu divide us into 5 group. My group include me, Rozita, Sarah and Izzat. Miss Zu shows us three video and we need to guess what we think will happen depends on the clues from the video clips. The video is Toy Story 3, A Walk To Remeber and Music Video Grenade. The class end at 4 o'clock. That was interesting and rilex class. =)

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