Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Assalamualaikum , today our class at block c.I am very nervous because Miss Zu want us to present our introduction and also the thesis statement. The first group was volunteer to presented is faiz adha with fikri. After a while, they presented it, Miss Zu like going to scold them. It is because they did one introduction and the thesis statement was wrong. My heart was jump too fast and I felt that our thesis statement also wrong maybe..huhu. Me and Nadia no need to present for today. Miss Zu said that argumentative partner and also ccompare and contrast need to correct all their introduction and the thesis statement. Therefore, Miss zue said that she will not attend tomorrow class. Therefore, she wants us to discuss at the  library, sits with each group of types of essay, and discusses how to do a correct thesis statement. She said that we must have to get approve from her by this week.. Because we have to catch up to do a outline as soon as possible. Before going back me,nadia ,nabila and rozita see Miss Zu and asked her to look first at our introduction and thesis statement. She help us to correct it and make the thesis statement for me and nadia.. Alhamdulillah.Thanks to Allah. After that we going back.

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