Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Today our class was at CLL. For today, Miss Zu dont do any activity but Miss Zu explaining about how to do the outline of the term paper. Miss Zu explained for every types of writing. we must include what we have learned in the outline such as pharapharasing and the summarising. The outline must do by using the pattern of  the writing. It is very hard just by look at front..Oh my english. Outlining is a crucial to any piece of writing. In academic writing, It is requires to organise the ideas in the form of outline.It is easier to organise the ideas by writing an outline rather than writing the complete paper. We must do the structure of an outline for an academic paper. There is also rules in preparing an outline. The outline should begin with a thesis statement. Then each outline must have three to four main ideas with supporting points and specific details to support each maint ideas. Next the outline must be numbered and can use the alphanumeric system, Notations should be included, where necessary, to fascilitate cross referrencing with the reference materials used when writing the paper. Just by read I know that was hard and I hope I can do it. the class dismissed at 6 o'clock.

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