Saturday, March 23, 2013


Before this my grammar and writing are very bad. I think my writing and grammar is improve and become better now even just a little bit. Miss Zu gave a lot of work to make a student clever and good in english. Miss Zu also did a lot of activities to make her class fun and interesting. Actually Miss Zu want to eliminate the boredom iin her class.

Miss Zu also use blogging as one of the way of learning. But for me it is very difficult task because we need to update the blog for 3times per week.We dont have enough time to update this blog because we have a lot of work to do. In addition, some of us dont have the internet connection and some of them dont have laptop at all. For me, it is burden to student and can lead to stress.

However, the way of learning that Miss Zu use are useful for us. It can improve our english in writing and grammar. Other than that, it is for make the student familiar wth the technology by using the computer. For me, thi is the creative way to make some people interested in new way of learning.

But I am prefer writing in the book rather than blogging even before this I already create a blog and it take a month to create it because I am not good in using the technology.

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  1. hahahaha! u said u not good in using technology? hahahhaha! very funny how about twitter and facebook? actually we are to lazy right to do the same thing everyday but we have to realise everything we did must be something for return.