Saturday, March 23, 2013

TUESDAY ( 19 MARCH 2013 )

             Today our class gonna start a bit late because we are waiting for others that still not coming yet. Miss Zu start our class by ask us reading the poem at the screen. Salihin read the poem but I dont understand it at all. After Miss Zu read it, now I can understand it.

           Actually Miss Zu did that because she want us to conclude what is the poem all about. The poem is about that in our life we have a lot of dangerous and barrier so we need to fight until we success. For example, we as a student have a lot of exam. So we need to study hard and fight with the exam until we get a flying colours.

            After we finished about the poem, Miss Zu continued with another activity. Like usual, she divide us into 5 group. My member is sarah, diba and mida. Miss Zu show us some video clip and we need to conlude the story and give some evidence about what we have conclude.Our group not lucky today because we always misunderstanding the story. We think out of the box too much.HaHa. So funny.Nevermind we will do better after this. After we finsh the game, the class was dismiss.

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