Saturday, March 23, 2013

THURSDAY ( 21 MARCH 2013 )

Today we have replacement class at night and this is our last class for bel class this sem and I hope this is the last for me taking this subject.huhu. Our activity for today class is, Miss Zu discussed about the reading comprehension for the final paper at 27 march 2013. She teached us how to answer the question. At the same time, Miss Zu also teached about how to write the essay. We can find the material for the essay at the reading comprehension. They give two artcle and the article have a relation topic.

      After that Miss Zu ask us to filled up the survey. Suddenly Miss Zu went out and she asked us to finished it our work. Then after we finished it, Miss Discussed the answer for the second article and hen we finished the class. Before that Miss Zu asked us go to the next class beause she has ready some food for us. Miss Zu you are so sweet and make us felt touching and like want to crying. Miss Zu you are so kind even you gave us a lot of work.


 We take a picture, ate the food that gave by Miss Zu, we all ask for forgiveness each other. Thanks a lot Miss Zu for the knowledge that have been given by you. See you again. Take care Miss Zu. may Allah bless you :')

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