Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MONDAY ( 11 MARCH 2013 )

Salam. Hye You alls. Today Miss Zu start our class with give time and date for the group speaking test doing their test. Next Miss Zu ask group number five did the practice for speaking test. Group five include Rozita, Diba, Pika and Wasim. Theydo a good job. Their group are quite good in doiing the speaking test. Everyone have the interaction while doing the speaking test and they also use the transitional words that Miss Zu already provide before this. We all give high marks for them. Diba got 14 marks, Wasim got 12 marks, Pika got 12 marks, and Rozita got 15 marks. After they finished their practises, Miss Zu ask all of us do the practise also in our own group. My was Kimah and Faiz Adha but Kimah was absent. So I just do the practise with Faiz Adha only.He is good in Speaking test and he also do not want to go back to room after the class finish and he still want to continue.We going back at 4.30 p.m

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  1. why people said i got 15 marks? i think i got 14. nevermind it is not the real speaking test.haha!